Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Iron Pans

This past weekend we completed our collection of cast iron cookware for now. I am still on the quest for their mythic non-stick properties and taking care of them as if they were pets! Or at least plants. Clean them gently as to not remove the budding non-stick, and coating them with a little olive oil after to keep them shiny. I found a good article in the New York Times that writes out the hassle and the benefits pretty well. Short version - once you get them seasoned they are great! But you have to take care of them really well. So now we have a 12'', a 6'', and a grill pan. Things do cook very well (hot even heat that lasts) and they are fun to use! The whole set cost $20 so thats good too!

The dark humorists at ToothpasteForDinner.com have their own take too...

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