Saturday, May 19, 2007

Plant Blogging

Megan and I have been collecting plants the past few weeks and have managed to turn our little apartment into a green house! And we arn't even done yet I don't think. We had a growing fungus gnat problem and discovered that our peppers and cilantro were covered in evil aphids! So we went the the store today and bought some Bon-Neem insecticidal soap at the advice of a knowledgeable employe of Linders. I wanted to buy something a little more powerful (read toxic bug killer) but she said that would be overkill. It seemed to work really well, the gnats are gone. It says to re-apply in a week to make sure they are all dead.

After closer inspection, lots of our plants had some aphids but none as bad as those peppers and cilantro, whom we threw away. The thread that linked them all together was they call came from the undergrad plant sale at the U of M. Boo undergrad.

Anyway, the amount of plants around here is pretty fun. We have

- a tray of lettuce greens (x3) and mustard greens (x3)
- Lemon Verbena
- Bay leaf
- Curry plant
- Parsley
- Sage
- Rosemary
- Thyme (yes like the song)
- Lavender
- Jade
- two Dark Opal basil (purple)
- one cinnamon basil
- two sweet basil
- one lettuce leaf basil
- Gold fish plant
- Apple mint
- ???? mint
- Jasmine
- climbing nasturtium
- cherry tomatoes (x3 in 1 pot)
- venus fly trap
- white cedar bonsai
- ficus bonsai

Wow! Thats a lot! I think we are going to give up the peppers, but I want the cilantro back and perhaps some more flowers. Right now most things are eatable. Today we were wondering what came first, did the huge south windows bring about the plants or did having plants make us get the south windows? I think its a little bit of both, but it works out great anyway!

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