Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Northfield blogging

Ahh blogging in the slow lane lately. I am hanging out in Northfield right now at the old and now empty 1740 doing even more cleaning. My life right now is all about streamlining. At the start of this week I had 2 homes (Northfield and St. Paul), 2 jobs (St. Olaf and Macalister), a dirty studio, and a show up in Northfield. The final goal will be end all business in Northfield.

But yesterday I took down my show in Northfield (the webpage is still up of course), am going to be out of my studio today, and hopefully out of my town house here today as well. I just made a big trip to the Rice county recycling center to drop off all the toxic stuff I have accumulated from car repair since last May! They took it all for free, go recycling. On June 1 my lease here runs out, and on August 31 st my contract with St. Olaf runs out, and that will be that for now.

I also signed the paper work for my Macalister job this morning. Way more than St. Olaf! I had to basically had to re-write my resume from memory and then even go home and get some phone numbers. But thats ok, it is worth it for the Job! I start June first and am eager to get going.

Thats all for now. During all this cleaning and removing my self compleatly from Northfield I keep generating more boxes of junk that are now filling the loft. So more cleaning and unpacking to go! Streamlining, streamlining...

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