Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Summer plans

I survived the Organology final today (yay), and for the first time in ages I changed an incorrect answer to a correct answer, instead of the other way around. Wee! Take that, Cushing's disease. Now we've finished both Neurology and Organology, and soon Animal Populations will be over. We got our Pharm and Virology exams back yesterday, and I was very happy with both grades! Too bad classes can't end right now, my GPA would be very happy if they did. The rest of the week is pretty calm. Tomorrow I start my preceptorship at Normandale Vet Clinic in Edina. One of my classmates has already worked with the vet that I'm paired with, and said he's a really great guy, so I'm excited.

Starting my preceptorship has gotten me thinking about what I'll be doing this summer. I've sort of been planning on looking for work in a clinic to boost my clinical experience, which I am lacking in right now. I need to call some clinics to see if anyone is hiring just for the summer. I know Banfield clinics do a summer work program, and I considered it for a while, but it would require selling a small portion of my soul, so I dropped that idea. I'm going to try calling the Como Park clinic soon. They're one of the premier bird clinics in the area, so I hope that means they see lots of other exotics too. They're also only about 5 miles from our apartment!

My other idea for this summer is to do an internship at the Widlife Rehabilitation Center in Roseville. I spent one summer there a few years ago as a volunteer in the Mammal Nursery and really enjoyed it- and that meant a once-a-week commute from Northfield to Roseville! It would be a lot easier coming from St. Paul. The internship also counts as elective credit for school, so although it's unpaid, I get class credit. Chris and I talked and decided I should go for it, so my application is going in tomorrow. Wish me luck! I'll keep everyone updated.

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