Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Megan and I signed our lease today! (like that graphic?) So we are in in in. We also found out (much to our surprise) that we will make an estimated $32,000 next year some how. uhh.. ok but what ever because its below the $37,000 income limit! I asked if we could see our file so I could understand how our fiances improved so much from when the first (or was that second?) round of paperwork went through where we made the minimum limit by a few hundred dollars! But you can't because the employer might say something that you don't know yet. So here is hoping for a whopping raise!!

All in all it was a very anticlimactic event. It took forever, over an hour, but I was asking a lot of questions so that didn't help. Megan and I were going to celebrate but she had to be some place at 2 and I had a meeting at 3 so we went our separate ways as quickly as we came. *sigh*

Even though this place is fantastically cheap for what we are getting, the price comes with the cost of flexibility and all this HUD section 42 lawyer paper talk that is difficult and stressful. But, we don't have the money but we do have some stress to give so I guess its more than worth it! And we get to keep Winnie with a $500 deposit, $200 non refundable. So for the next few months Winnie is going to be jingling around with a tin can around her neck looking forlorn and whimpering until you give her some change... But at least we get to have her! And word on the street is that some people are pushing for an inclosed dog area, aka dog park, on the grounds! That would be wonderful!

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