Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tunnel and light

Well the glow of seeing the future (and it is good) has faded back into the weekend and the rest of the week is plowing on. Megan is in what I think anyone would call "hell week" in which they subject students to an obscene amount of tests. Last semester as a bench mark, they would have about one big hard test a week that they would study for all week and then take it on monday. This week all the first years get to take such 4 tests in the course of 5 days. I was with Megan this weekend so I got to help her study for Immunology, and I had a hard time just reading the flash cards!The Hypocoxilaxonmetathetabetawakawaka releases IgM, but not IgG. Duh! And then the test comes and they chose the most specific part of some random topic and test you on that and you just fill in A,B,C, or D.

Monday was Immunology, an today is Organology (not that kind) and who knows whats next. I think I mentioned it before, but this semester of Vet school has 32 credits in it. By comparison that would be taking a load of 8 at St. Olaf, but you have to get a note signed by the dean to max out at 5 at Olaf!

The U of M goes on spring break at the end of this week though, so Megan has to just keep her head down and plow ahead until then. In celebration of the the light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel-not-being-a-train, here is a picture of Winnie running through her "fort winnie" as it was dubbed. It all started when I wanted to play in the snow and make a Quinzhee - basically a simple snow shelter that I wanted to make winter camping a few years back but there wasn't enough show. Long story short, I didn't make it high enough or have enough time to dig it out so I made a tunnel through it for Winnie. She thought it was funny.

As for me, I am still slogging away at my web page. It will be done soon I promise! It has been my sole focus for the past few weeks, and I want to get it up and done really badly! There is lots of video fun on there, it is really quite comprehensive of everything I have done.

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