Sunday, March 25, 2007

another quick food update

Here's a good list of all the food brands NOT involved in the food recall:

Also, I want to remind everyone to stay smart about all this. I'm seeing a lot of messages like, "My 12 year old dog ate Newmann's Own canned food and died of renal failure in December, so thus that food must have been contaminated." Kidney failure is not super common, but also not unheard of- having a pet go into kidney failure does NOT mean they had to have eaten a tainted food, or that the brand of food they ate caused it. That would be like saying that anyone who came down with vomiting and diarrhea during the E. coli spinach recall must have contracted E. coli.

Second, I see a lot of people vowing to never buy food from any company that has ever associated itself with Menu. Keep in mind that pet food companies determine the recipe of their foods. Natura (the Innova people) uses Menu, but they only use ingredients that came from within the U.S. I find it difficult to believe that the affected companies weren't aware that Menu was finding the cheapest possible ingredients to use in their foods. I also wonder why those companies didn't ask the same question so many are asking now: how cheap must Chinese wheat be to make it economical to import wheat into Kansas?

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