Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Another hilarious car mod production truck

I was going to add another auto-mod to my list of cars that make me laugh all the way home but I can't because this is far worse. At the same intersection where I saw the spinning rims on a ford windstar I saw a huge bright orange pickup with an even larger spoiler wing on the back, and a ridiculous hood scoop on the front. It looked so dumb and pointless that I laughed all the way home. Now you have a pickup truck with mod that renders it useless, and a fake pig nose on front.

Not knowing that you could even buy such a stupid thing as a spoiler for your pickup truck I did some googling and found out that this was not a mod. It is in fact a $32,000 "Dodge Ram Daytona" pickup truck that has a whole bunch of NASCAR tie-ins and such. There is a whole subculture who likes this bit of marketing buffoonery.

America can be is a silly place...

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