Sunday, February 25, 2007


Snow day! I am up in Minneapolis at my parents house visiting. Cletus is here from LA for the weekend, and Aria is getting bigger every day. I got to hang out with her and hold her for a while yesterday and got some big smiles, it was fun. Megan brought over some new warm baby clothes for Aria that are still too big for her but that wont last long! I like one in particular that is shaped like a bear. Megan had to go study too soon, school is always asking for more this semester. I got to hang out with every one in Natasha and Ladric's Kitchen (thanks for the snacks!) until Clet and I skittered back to Washburn in the Volvo for dinner.

Now the volvo is covered in lots of snow and more aerodynamic than it has ever been before. I hope I can get back to northfield, or out of this street for that matter. Megan is stuck at her house sitting place. There is about a foot of snow on the little road leading out of the place, enough to beach the saturn easily. It is a little sub-saburban road, so who knows when they are going to go retrieve her. The place she is staying only had dial up too, and she doesn't have the password for it, so she is cut off in more ways than one!

Here is one more photo I shot of someone getting stuck as they turned off Xerxes but could not make it over the pile the plow had made. There were already a swarm of neighbors with proper clothing on digging her though. I also found that if you google snow emergency you get the city of Minneapolis web page!

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