Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snow Pooh

I'm back from dogsitting, and I managed to blast through their unplowed road without getting stuck. Go Saturn! I hadn't seen Winnie since Tuesday, so she and I had some quality romping time outside. She loves deep snow! Ansel was fun to play with, but Winnie is, frankly, the most adorable dog ever, and she's fun to play with!

Since I knew I'd be snowed in this weekend, I rented two movies- Monsoon Wedding and Jesus Camp. Monsoon Wedding was excellent, although I don't recommend watching it alone! It's a snuggling sort of movie. Chris and I started it together on Friday night, but I fell asleep (as usual), so I finished it yesterday while he was in Minneapolis. Jesus Camp was interesting- I knew it had gotten good reviews, but I still assumed it would be a "look at how crazy right-wing evangelicals can be!!" sort of movie. I ended up feeling sort of conflicted. I don't agree with teaching kids to pray for righteous judges or to pray for George W. when "he" (er, a cardboard cutout version) came to visit them. But to see parents so devoted to their kids is impressive. What and how they are teaching (indoctrinating) them is wrong, but powerful. I find it strange that the minister kept comparing her work to the work of people in Islamic countries who start training 5-year-olds how to shoot weapons and die for their beliefs. She said that we need kids who are willing to die for the Christian God, because after all, that is the right God. Hrm. Who knows. There is some lesson in it, but I don't know what yet. The best parts were:
-a girl talks about how some churches are "dead" churches, where people come in, say "we worship You" in a monotone voice, sing a few hymns, listen to a sermon, and leave. God wants people to jump around and scream and cry and not stand there and be quiet and respectful. Haha, those aren't dead churches, they are just Lutheran! And frankly, I think churches are far more dead when they refuse to have discussions about how the Bible applies to today's issues, instead of copping out and saying that what was written was God's word and that's that (er, God spoke English?).

-the same girl walks up to a group of black men sitting in lawn chairs on the side of the road. She asks one, "If you died today, where would you go?" He replies, "Heaven." She asks, "Are you sure?" He says, "Yeah." She leaves, and whispers to her friend, "I think he was Muslim."

Anyway. Back to stoodying. Tomorrow, the Holistic Club is participating in the CVM's exhibitor fair, so hopefully we'll get word out that we exist and are active again! Plans for an acupuncture wetlab are in the works, and and equine acupuncturist should hopefully be coming in to give a talk soon. Yay!

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