Monday, February 05, 2007

Macbook update

UPDATE: Oops this is a case of don't blog before the fat lady sings or something. There is STILL an argument between the insurance agent and the insurance company (?) over what to pay for, the replacement cost of the similar computer, or the value of the computer. The difference is about $100 but its a stick in things anyway. Stay tuned...

Since Megan is not here, I will give a little update on the computer situation. Where is she? Well she is out buying her brand new Macbook! Yup no refurbished or used or anything, her insurance agent said they would pay for the comparable model today! (that is option number 1 below)

That means an upgrade from her old one. Whats new?

• Intel core 2 duo 2.0 ghz - same clock rate but up to 64 bits from 32 and effectively 10-15% faster.
• 1 gig of ram up from 512 mb.
• 120 gig hard drive up from 80 gigs.
• no more sticky keys from spilt beverage.

Things are returning to normal.

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