Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Living simple

My goal for the next two months is to live as simple as I can and save up for the exciting May 1st move in day. I broke down and gave them another call and they said to expect a call "very soon" on signing papers and what not. The folks in "B" building who are moving in May 1 are starting to sign now, but I think that is because that building is open for renting now while Megan andI's is not. It has become my big goal now. Moving in wraps up my time here in Northfield, means the end to Megan and I's separation, and I hope a nifty job some place. I like Northfield a lot, but I have learned that where you are is really where your people are and right now for the most part, my people are all far away from me.

My job in the cafeteria has provided me with extra cash and lots of free food. I get three free breakfasts and three free lunches every week, and I try and make them as huge and as diverse as I can. Also I get my church dinner that provides us with massive amounts of left overs. Tonight I am even getting paid to dry dishes! For those who know my job preferences this must sound hilarious and don't worry, I am laughing along with you. Getting paid to work in the caf AND do dishes?! I am enjoying it though.

So, look for simple pleasures and good projects. Life is coming up fast, I am trying to use these next few months to set my self up right.

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