Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Church ladies

So I ran into whitney and derek today and they had been invited to eat at Gwen's church. They have a big pot-luck/pay what you can dinner every Wednesday. It was great! Lots of food, lots of people, really good live music, and people I know! Quite a change from eating in our chilly dining room or in the studio. And Mary (one of the other aprenti, thats her in the pic by the way hehe) is a cook, and she gave me a pie after every one left! It was left over. So I am planing on going every Wednesday from now on and stuff my self silly.

Speaking of parties, our house is throwing a party this friday! Its a "Fall Festival" and every one is invited! 7:00 P.M. We will have various cider drinks and fall goodies. People can bring snacks too. Next step: clean the house! Ahh! Put away some of those boxes that, um, never quite got unpacked...

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Lindsey said...

Bad news about the party. I cannot come. I was hoping to come after I coach for a while until Dave's radio show's movie promo event, but I learned that I am going to dinner with him and the host of his show and some of the producers before the movie. It'll be great fun I'm sure! :) I hope your party is great and I hope to see you soon :)