Thursday, January 18, 2007


Several people have heard about this but this afternoon at 4:45 Megan and Winnie were at the dog park someone took a baseball bat to her rear passenger window and made off with her entire school bag that also held her nearly new black MacBook, school keys, checkbook, school books, and a semester worth of notes. As the night progressed here is how things settled out and what she got back.

• Insurance will pay for the computer and the window after getting their $500 deductible.
• Megan got an email at 8:00 ish from the vet clinic saying that some one had called and had her bag. He left his number and said he worked nights. Megan called him and we went out to meet him at the sewage treatment plant where he worked.
• He had the bag - sans computer of course - but will all the important notes intact, bag intact (minus a bent strap clip), and school keys there. They had taken the checkbook (already void), a notebook of random notes, her colored pencils, and her histology and Physiology textbooks. The Physio book was bought today and still in the shrink wrap. And ate her partially eaten and "disgusting" 100 calorie Oreos. Bastards. Oh and they took her (free) bus map but left the U of M wallet thing it was in.
• Megan and I went to the creepy overlook where Dan (the hero) had found it. There were suspicious people there, but we looked around and couldn't find any more stuff. I took down 3 license plate numbers just in case.

So thats it. Wait a few days to see if the thieves get caught (doubt it) and then go get a new mac book. The upside is she should be able to get the new Core 2 Duo chip in it, more HD space and more RAM.

What's the moral of this story? Never leave your house, or if you do don't go around people. Hiding is the best way to say safe.


Bjorn said...

I thought I had a bad day. On my way to work, and woman ran a red light and hit my car. She doesn't have insurance.

Megan Watland said...

that sucks big time... are you still on the family insurance plan? if so luke sure is getting lots of calls from us lately. car still driveable?