Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Phone

Well its a little late but I have been playing with my new phone (A Samsung SCH-n330) all night and I wanted to make a video of a ring tone I found.

The story comes from Megan's brother Bjorn who had it left over after he got a new one. (Thannkkk youuu!!!) My first phone was crushed by a car, then I got one from Ladric but that developed a problem where every time it shut off it would get removed from the Verizon network. Then I bought this LG monster for $15 and it is a nice simple phone but it has awful reception (and its my only phone) and poor battery life. So a new phone makes my life much much better!

It has a cool pop up feature where you can see 1/2 the screen until you press 2 buttons on either side and then it pops-up to show you the whole thing. This also acts at a key lock. Bjorn said the reception is not so hot, but if it makes calls then it is 10x better than what I have now!

Here is a video I took on the parents iMac tonight of the funny ring I downloaded for it. I think its hilarious and it cracks me up every time it goes! Enjoy and call me!

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