Monday, January 22, 2007


Thanks to the 4-5'' inches of snow on the ground I got brave enough to take out my poor neglected X-country skis and check out the Carleton Arb to see if it was skiable. And it was! But was I? This photo of a photo is one of me about 5 years ago at my last race for South West - regionals Sr. Year. Notice the stylish form fitting 2-piece purple spandex suit.

My skis are still in good shape but I hardly recognized them. It has been 2 or 3 years since I saw them last so it was like finding and old friend. Once I got out on the trail it was like riding a bike, a little wobbly at first then back to the old rhythm. But thats about where the easiness ended. I am so fantastically out of shape that I could hardly get going, and had to stop every few minutes. I am not sure how far I really went, but it can't have been more that 3k. But after words I had the physical ill effects of a 5k sprint race!

Heart burn √
Urge to vomit √
Taste of blood √
Coughing √

Wee!! It hasn't felt this good to feel this bad for a long time. I ran to the store and got some liquid antacid and that put an end to the burn right away. I will take it before next time like I used to do. The others will go away too as my lungs acclimate to the cold air and you know, working for a change. Who knows, I might even get up to going 5k again!

The skis stay in the car, so I can hit the trails when ever I have time.

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