Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hard week

I don't have too much more to relay about my break-in experience than Chris has already written... It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day to say the least, but thank goodness I got my bag back with my notes. Rotten that they stole my textbooks- I was expecting the computer to be gone, but the textbooks? If anyone on the street tries to sell you a copy of "Physiology, 3rd. ed." by Costanzo, or "Wheater's Functional Histology", call the cops.

I do have another story to add to my list of reasons why I hate Allina Clinics. On Wednesday, as I wrote, I went to get my Mantoux test done. Basically they squirt a little bubble of stuff under your skin, and if you have a reaction to it within 48 hours, you might have TB. They told me on Wednesday that I could come in any time between 3 and 5 on Friday to have the results read. No need to make an appointment, just come in, it'll take 30 seconds. So, I arrived at 4:20, only to be told that everyone in that department had gone home already. I felt a little bad because, having been on the verge of tears since the break-in, this nearly put me over the edge, and I think I freaked out the nurses. Anyway, I asked what to do and the receptionist told me to go over to urgent care to see if someone there could read the results. Headed over there, and they asked me if I had my paperwork. Uh, what paperwork? I didn't receive any paperwork. "Well, we can't do it without the paperwork." Um... so now what? Some nice nurse said she could go over to the department where I got the test to see if she could find the paperwork. She found it and said I could get in line to be seen by urgent care. ONE HOUR LATER, someone calls my name, and said she could just check my test in the lobby. I showed her my arm, and she asked if I was sure that that's the arm they poked, because they didn't put a mark there. I said yes, I'm sure, she said okay, that's that, thank you. So, here are some new reasons why I hate Allina:

1) Don't make me feel dumb for not knowing your department's hours when YOU are the ones who told ME what times I could come in.
2) Don't make me feel dumb for not having paperwork that YOU never gave me.
3) Don't make me feel dumb for not having put a mark where I got poked, because THAT'S NOT MY JOB. That's like going in for an oil change and having them yell at you for not having brought the oil and filters with you.

My previous reasons for hating Allina include requiring an appointment to be seen in urgent care (so I should know ahead of time when I'm going to urgently need care?), not being aware of the fact that the rabies shot SERIES consists of three shots, not just one (despite making three appointments for me to receive them...), and acting like I made a mistake when one nurse made an appointment for me over the lunch break, then left on vacation for a week and neglected to tell anyone else about my appointment (forcing me to come back to the clinic again later in the day).

All I want is a little apology when they mess up...

So anyway, I don't have TB. Computer and textbooks are still missing. Nothing left to do but start studying.

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Bjorn said...

I'd spit a nasty email to Alina.