Thursday, January 25, 2007


Names edited throughout the night:

MovingParts Design
1mile Design
First Mile Design
Hat+Feather Design
Snow+Hat Design
Red Feather Design
Blank Feather Design
Blank Hat Design
Bird Steps Design
HayPenny Design
3Gears Design
2nd Floor Design
1st Floor Design
Still Paced Designs


yj855458 said...
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natasha said...

not crazy about 1st mile design, blank feather, or bird steps -- just thinking those are three things the client doesn't want to picture you "taking them to" --

I like 1mile , it is so simple and clean and graphic too.

1mile design, inc.

Bjorn said...

BrightFox, the domain expires on Apr 20.

Bjorn said...

Use Visions, rather then Design, you'd be one of thousands with design in your name.