Thursday, January 25, 2007

First test of 2nd semester

First Physiology exam is tomorrow... The main focus is action potentials and how nerves and muscles talk to each other. Favorite terms of this section include:

-Goldman-Hodgkin-Katz equation
-sarcoplasmic reticulum

I don't think any of those would make good business names, though...

I did sign up for the reptile lab on Saturday- we have an iguana to necropsy! How cool.

The physiology question of the day today was "How do jet pilots prevent blood from rushing to their heads ("red-out") during a dive and blood from rushing out of their heads (blackout) during a climb?"

Anyone know?

Win and I went to the airport dog park after class today, where she made lots of new dogfriends. She was particularly smitten with a big Basset hound, who was easily the most athletic Basset I've ever met. He was almost as quick as Winnie!Unfortunately, I was ready to leave way before Win was, so she decided to dart away as soon as I pulled out her leash. I left her and went to sit in the car, in hopes that she'd realize I wasn't going to chase her down, but she just took off on her own to find new dogs to play with. Goofball.

Anyway, back to the books...

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