Wednesday, January 10, 2007


So I am low on the cash. After a semester of minimal work and a huge push to get this show up I am now looking to fill up some of my time with a second paying job. Well, is that third? 10 hours per week with the VRC, then about 2 with art org on saturdays but that is far from a regular paying job. But what kind of job should I get?? Here are my options.

1: Bon App├ętit: Yes the caf. My duties would entail taking over a meal line for lunch a few days a week. Pay is $7 pr hour. The benefits of this are extreeeemely flexible hours. I can schedule 12 hrs pr week and then just show up if I have more time and "9 times out of 10" there will be a shift open. I would also get free food. And my commute would be zero, just walk over from Dittmann

The down side is, it's the Caf - something I would not have done as a student. And could I feel good about my self, a recent graduate, going back to a semi-student work environment? "Didn't you graduate?" "What are you doing here?" I get that enough already.

2: The CoOp: Whitney said they still need people. $8 pr hour, hours not nearly as flexible. Free food as well. Edit: oops, they are not hiring right now after all.

3: Chuck and Dons: Pet food store. Kind of funny because that's Megan's traditional digs but I like the store and it would be totally removed from my life now. No pressure. Discount on pet food.

4: Art Store I have not asked if they need help, but that could be good too. More connected to art org as well. Discount on art supplies.

5: Other: Free lance? Web design? It has to be something I can pick up now and either drop like a hot rock come may or keep on going after that from Minneapolis.

What should I do? Email me or leave a note! Seriously!

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