Thursday, December 07, 2006

Zooooooo part 2

I found out today that I got put into the Tropical Encounters group! Exciting. It'll be like visiting Ecuador, except that I'll actually be able to see the birds and other critters instead of scanning the canopy and lying to our guide- "Uh... yeah, I, uh, see that topaz hummingbird... uh... beautiful..."

Anyway. I got an 83% on Monday's anatomy lab exam, which puts me at an 82% for the class so far, with two more exams before the end of the semester. Not too shabby! I will be very happy if that's where I end up for the class.

I interviewed for the fish caretaker job today, and my interviewer said that I had "very impressive experiences for someone of your age." Heh. Oh yeah. I hope I get it! I am super qualified. I've been taking care of fish for years! It would be really nice to have a job on campus, but not in the Vet Med building... I think I'd get really sick of school if I had classes there and worked there too.

Everyone is getting that restless antsy feeling that comes with the end of a semester. We are all ready for new classes. I know I won't miss the anatomy lab! It is a good class and I've learned so much, but one can only spend so much time around cadavers... Our poor anat prof cut his hand on the bandsaw today. I hope he's okay... All we heard was that the paramedics were taking care of him, and that the cut was along his hand between two fingers, so they don't think he sliced through anything important. Send him good thoughts.

Winnie has been getting stressed out in the school kennels again lately. She did so good for a while, but just before Thanksgiving she started having accidents in it again. She also started really resisting being brought into the building that the kennels are in and being put into the kennel itself, and she started barking almost constantly. I did everything that had worked to calm her before, but nothing really helped except for leaving my hat in her kennel with her- that at least kept her from having accidents, but didn't stop the barking. Finally, this afternoon when I was putting her in, I noticed that she was focusing on the big ventilation fan in the window. I forgot how much she hates ceiling fans until my dad mentioned it the other day. She was reacting to that window fan exactly the same way- pacing, circling, whimpering. So I hung a towel over the front of her kennel door so she couldn't see the fan anymore. I left the room.... and no barking. I walked up the stairs, and out the door... no barking! I came to let her out mid-afternoon, and she had been sleeping. She still didn't want to go back in the kennel, but again when I left she didn't bark. I wonder if it's really the fan that's been upsetting her this whole time? I guess I'll keep covering her kennel door to see if it helps. She is an odd duck sometimes...

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