Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pipkins revenge

So I think pipkin destroyed my Powerbook's AC adapter. But I am not sure. See there have been reports of adapters like mine craping out by having the wire break and short out near the brick, as mine did, but that break looks disturbingly rabbit like. I found a way to fix the problem, so I tried it and it didn't help at all. So here it is, strung up on the apprentice board all naked.

Now I have this! Its a MacAlly Powerbook AC adapter and it cost me $30 (no shipping, thank you Amazon) vs. a new apple one at $70 + shipping! Its not quite as good though. It doesn't have the cool indicator light that shows green when charged and orange when charging, and it looks like I have to haul the whole mess along with me now instead of switching the extension cord to the mini plug, but whatever - thirty bucks is thirty bucks!

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