Sunday, November 05, 2006


Well today was kind of a funny day that I am not quite sure how to blog about. Beautiful weather on a Sunday before election day was enough to distract me to death. I took a little drive with the sunroof open back into my favorite area and discovered what my car is like on a little bit of gravel + turning + a little speed.

Here is a riddle. Why is it, that sometimes the best way to turn right to spin the wheel left?

That monumental RWD back end breaks loose and I correct into the skid and boom I am drifting around the corner. Weeee! That was fun. Next stop: winter!

So for your youtube enjoyment, I found this sureal add/music video/promo thingie that Volvo made in the late 80s. Gata love the music and the sound effects too. The cars featured are 740s just a year or two before mine. They must be using turbos though - which sadly I do not have. So enjoy the nice non-winter weather and the video too:

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