Monday, November 06, 2006


I am moving forward for my projector project. Right now I have my 4" LCD with back light removed attached to a board and a bright light bulb behind it. Take that with just one double convex lens I have from the physics department and boom there is my projector. I can get in about 90% of the image too! The corners are a bit rounded and the edges are kind of blurry, but besides that it looks great. I am going to toy with different light sources too. If this were a real magic lantern, it would use a kerosene lamp. I am not sure I can do that.. but it would be fun to try! Imagine a TV powered by a flickering lantern...

Next stop is to make my own lens. I have been talking to people about this and it seems possible. There is a guy at Carleton, their "instrument" maker (as in science instruments) that has been doing lenses for 30 years! And my friend and former boss Rick is working primarily in glass right now, so he can help too.

I was going to drop over $300 to take a 6 week glass course co-taught by Rick...but it filled up. Dang it!

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