Friday, November 10, 2006


I pulled this images off showing the temprature swing in the past week. Yup, 15˚ Friday, 77˚ on Wednesday, and 8 inches of snow and falling right now. Remember my volvo in the snow post? Well its time to go to school!
UPDATE: I love snow! It makes me so happy to see it all around. I am ready for fall to be over I think. I brushed/shoveled off my car and got out ok. Sure glad I have new good tires on there, they grip great. And there is something about driving rear wheel drive on slippery stuff that I think is nicer than driving with front wheel drive. Sure you slip more, but when you do I think you can control the car better because you can control the power to those wheels. Here is a pic some one else took of their volvo (I think) from

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