Monday, November 06, 2006

Interesting weekend

Well, my weekend work for the DNR was sure interesting. I think the nicest deer we got was a 15-point buck that was over 200 pounds. Massive deer! Most people just got yearlings, with a fair number of fawns too. I met more hunters in one weekend than I think I've ever met in my entire life. They were almost all really nice (probably because they were successful... the unsuccessful ones were heading directly into the neighboring liquor store). I did have one old guy refer to me as "girl" (as in, "Yeah, whuddya want, guurrl?"), and got lots of ribbing about our "deer surgery", but it was pretty fun. We had a couple of guys who were anti-DNR and didn't want to have anything to do with us, but that was it. Most people were really interested to see what we were up to. I think everyone's favorite part was when we taught them how to age their deer (check the third premolar!). We collected about 75 samples in all, and I made almost $300. Not bad for one weekend!

Today's anatomy lab exam was harder than the others have been, primarily due to my lack of preparation, but I didn't fail it at least. Tomorrow, I take the lecture portion. Hope it goes okay....

Thursday's ZEAW Club seminar is entitled "Population Research and Ecology of Moose in Northeast MN"... I will teach you everything I learn!

Not much else to say, so here's a funny story that I remembered this weekend:

Earlier this summer, when Winnie was still new here, Chris was roughhousing with her little bit. He picked her up really fast, and must've put pressure on her stomach, because it resulted in her vomiting immediately. I'm pretty sure he was horrified, but I almost died laughing. Winnie was unphased, of course.

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