Monday, November 13, 2006

Blog zen

I ran across this today and it struck me as a bit of blog zen. Established news sources and especially partisan hacks are terrified and hate the blogsphere, as it breaks down their ivory towers that many of them do not deserve and provides immediate feed back where there used to be none. This article is about Judith Miller who is a little bit of both. 'How dare they attack our established and glorious system with its halls of truth and honor!' they shout with no sense of irony. So take this I think, as one hilarious metaphor (emphasis mine)

"I'm worried about bloggers," she said. "(A post) starts as a rumor and within 24 hours it's repeated as fact."

While she advocates a federal shield law to protect mainstream journalists from divulging their sources, she doesn't favor extending that to bloggers who don't follow the standards and ethnics of the journalism industry.

(hat tip atrios)

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