Sunday, October 29, 2006

Vet school bonfire

Chris and I went over to Nancy's (a classmate's) house last night for a bonfire. What fun! It was a great night for it- chilly enough for the fire to feel really nice. She lives about 40 minutes south of Northfield, so it was less of a drive for us than for some of my other classmates. We grilled hot dogs, sausages, and Mahi Mahi (someone's boyfriend brought Mahi Mahi that he caught in Mexico a couple of days ago...!), and had beer and pop and S'mores. We got to meet Nancy's pigs, and tried to meet her ducks, but it was too dark. Winnie went crazy playing with one of Nancy's dogs. She's been away from the dog park for so long because of her cough, but she's finally feeling better, so we let her play. I can't believe how long she kept it up! Once it got really dark, she turned on "guard dog mode" and patrolled the perimeter of her human herd. Buffbuffbuff at anything she thought was suspicious, especially Nancy's husband (who is a vet- no wonder she was suspicious!). At the end of the night we got to meet Nancy's six-week-old miniature Schnauzer puppies... awwwww, I love puppies :-)

Today, it's back to studying. Lousy biochem... of course, ask me any other time than just before a test and I will tell you that I love biochem ;-) Back to my flashcards....

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