Sunday, October 29, 2006

The first time we met winnie

Winnie is staying with me again in a take 2 of last week. Since Megans car broke last week she had to go early. She still has 1 week of her kennel cough quarantine and we don't want her alone alone from 8-5. So in celebration I am posting the video I took the first time Megan and I drove out to Water Town MN to meet her. For those who know Winnie now, she is kinda cautious towards people for the first few minutes she meets them. She will hang around Megan or I's feet until until she knows everything is OK. So its amazing to see this video of her greeting total strangers so openly! I guess she just wanted to be with us from day one :)

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Marc Boucher said...

Oh my - is she a Welsh Corgi? Thanks for sharing that video. I always had Corgis as a kid and have missed them since.