Friday, October 20, 2006

My week

Here's what happened this week at the CVM:

-Spent the week with these lovely ladies, learning how to do a bovine physical exam (you can see aaaaall the way down their throats!), how to herd them and restrain them, and how to tie three different kinds of knots (er, in vet school?). Yes, I did stick my arm up a cow's butt. It was awesome :)
-I diagnosed Winnie Bear with kennel cough (with a little help from her vet), so she had to stay home all this week, and next week too.
-Learned how to do a proper surgical scrub- I immediately dropped my nice sterile nail pick on the floor, and then failed the "always keep your hands higher than your elbows" portion. D'oh.
-Transected a canine penis. There's a lot of stuff in there. Who knew?
-Learned what makes feces brown and urine yellow (finally!).
-Heard from a vet for organic dairy farms- organic farming is cool, and is probably the last hope for the small family farm. Go organics!
-Spent a little time with Jessilyn, my HorseAngels horse. HorseAngels is a program where students groom and snuggle with the horses in the teaching barn. They put up with getting poked and probed and palpated by us, it's the least we can do to thank them. Jess is a sweety, but a little skittish. She'll get better with time.

Six weeks down.......

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