Saturday, October 21, 2006

And my week...

Far less bovine related, I spent the week struggling to craft a show for January, working at the VRC and teaching little girls how to play with knives.

I am just recovering from teaching a two day printmaking session to three 6th grade and two 3d grade girls where we did stamps, wood block, mono-prints, and a kind of sticker cut-out print. It was billed as a relief class, but after every girl cut at least one finger, I decided to move on... Chaos, V-Gouges, and small children do not mix. From talking to my art-ed friend Derek and my roommate Amy who works for HighPoint printmaking center in MPLS (you would think I would have talked to them before) they knew of some much better tools and materials to teach with, including a tool to pull towards you with both hands. Next time I guess! Art Org is still gaining its legs, so things are kind of learn as you go for now.

Tomorrow I am continuing to teach my adult Intaglio/Lithography class. That is going much smoother for now! Then shoot a wedding with Natasha on sunday. Should be a party!

I am also going to use this blog to share some youtube videos that are worth seeing. If I like em I will pass them on!

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