Monday, October 30, 2006


Today was a Monday.... It started with a biochem test at 8 AM, which is never the best way to start a week. I think I did okay, although I could be wrong. I felt like I had to do more guessing on this test than I did on the last one. *fingers crossed* The middle of the day was okay- lunch with some friends at a little restaurant called Mim's, and then our first Nutrition lecture. That was the last class of the day- then I went down to the anatomy lab to start studying for the exam next Monday. Anatomy lab never smells great, but today for whatever reason there were a whole bunch of very stinky horse heads in there. Ewwww.

I had a stomach ache yesterday and this morning... I thought I was just anxious about the test, but it's kinda sticking with me. I hope it goes away. I hate being hungry, but not wanting to eat at the same time.

Now I have to work on a radiology quiz, and study for the Clinical Skills exam that's on Friday (geez!)... I wish I could curl up in a spot of sun and take a nap...

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