Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! This is a first ever Co-Post. Megan decided to surprise me and show up for Halloween night. We have had three trick-or-treaters (and one trick-or-canned-good-er collecting for the food shelf). No pumpkin this year, but Megan and I are going to carve a gourd that we got from Rick's prairie. It smells like a pumpkin! I also hung out my headlamp and put it on "strobe." Spoooookkyyyy

My silly suburban neighborhood has no sidewalks and I think that is putting a damper on things. It is a very car oriented place and cars make lousy trick-or-treaters. *sigh* I wonder if we will get trick-or-treaters at the apartments next year. It doesn't seem like a kid friendly kind of place. Or rather, I don't think there will be lots of people with kids. But what do I know?

Winnie is going back home to Megan's tonight. She is declaring her free of kennel cough and she can go back to vet school again. It has been great having her! Here one last picture Megan found of someone's Halloween costume for their corgi.

Corgi guards the house
Scary monsters at the door

-Chris & Megan

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