Monday, March 29, 2010

Matching luggage

Oh yay, we got married and now have matching luggage... The North Face Bace Camp Duffel. Well, Megan has a red one and I have my trusty old yellow one from 2003. I traveld with it to China and Japan, then Megan used it to travel to Ecuador, then I lent it out to a fried to travel to Greece, and I lived out of it in NY. Recently it had been serving the lowly life as a gym bag, but now it is back to the traveling life again! Since it has held up so well since then (it is in perfect shape still) we decided to buy a 2nd one for our trip to europe.

So matching luggage yes, but this is our kind of bag! That also means we are going to be traveling very light, which is good because we will be moving often.

Since I love google maps, I have been using it to draw out routes, and this map below is what we have settled on for now. London for a few days, then take the train to Oxford and rent a car to drive around the pastoral Cotswolds region (and perhaps ride some horses), see some castles like this one, and then end up in Bristol. From Bristol we will take a cheap flight over to Paris where we will probably stay for a few days, and then take the train on to the old town Bruges Belgium, and then on to Amsterdam to catch our flight home. Hopefully we have left enough wiggle room to take us as the wind blows too.

We are still fishing for advice/tips. So if you have been any of these places, let us know!

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