Monday, October 12, 2009

Wirth CX

It was another crazy and a little frustrating race at Wirth this year. They removed the single track mountain bike stuff that I didn't care for last year, and replaced it with a quick downhill to the lake, followed by a massive stair climb up. It would have been a better course if there were fewer people! I started in the middle of the pack (or heard in this case) and felt well going through the first log barrier, but then things slowed way down heading down to the lake and came to a stand still at the steps. Apparently it takes a looong time for 115 riders to clamber up a steep set of uneven stairs, and it made a traffic jam. So I ended up walking up the stairs slowly with the person in front of me bopping me on the head with their rear tire the whole way. Not very dignified at all. This kind of jam kept up for about four laps too.

Worse, they had informed us they would be pulling (removing) riders if you get lapped, making the long wait at the stairs and every other rough bit even more bothersome.

But, the course opened up and I got a kind of rhythm going and was nearing the final lap with out getting lapped, until about 50 yards in front of the line I get passed by the leader, thus I was the first last rider cut. Needless to say, that did not make me happy as I still had lots of legs left. So boo on the course designers for designing what must have been a great A course, but a awful C traffic jam.

Lots of great photos though! I love my new Crossniac's kit, it looks and rides great.

Oh and I finished at the 60th percentile, which is still a big improvement from 74th last year.

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