Sunday, August 09, 2009

So you suck at mountain biking...

Well its not so bad. But my first foray into mountain biking was not the most graceful thing I have ever done. I crashed a lot. I hit a tree with my handle bars, I lost control on a turn and landed sideways in the bushes, I did a big crash after I lost control on a sand bar that almost sent me rolling all the way down buck hill, and skidded out on another corner. But I did get this cool picture of me looking determined!

Worst of all though, I got a dreaded DNF (did not finish) when it was just too much. I was too banged up, and too tired to properly control the bike and I figured I could either end now or end in a crash some place else. So I rolled off. It also turned out my front tire was flat, but we didn't see that until we got home.

So, here is looking towards the Cyclocross season which starts in September when I will have the chance redeem myself as a competitive bike rider!

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