Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Safe and sound

I'm sitting in a cute little coffee shop in Old Town, Fort Collins, enjoying a day off of clinics since the doctor I'm externing with doesn't see patients on Tuesdays. Yesterday was exciting- I got to:
  • help with a research project examining chronic lameness in dogs via force plate analysis
  • learn how to objectively assess chronic pain in animals via CSU's nifty chronic pain scoring chart
  • place my very first acupuncture needles (super exciting when I felt a slight tug of the surrounding tissue, telling me I hit the right point)
  • meet a darling corgi
  • tour CSU's gorgeous clinic and hospital
  • study for boards a little (note to self: review anatomy)
  • see some pelicans swimming in the little pond outside the vet hospital
The weather is lovely, despite Colorado getting hit with a blizzard the day before I arrived. The Denver airport had just a hint of snow left, and temperatures are in the 70's today. I'm off to explore Old Town...

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dwatland said...

So you are going to hit Ben and Jerry's free cone day, yes?