Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Twitter is Twitterizeing all my Tweets

So I have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon with the ingenious handle "cschommer."

Ezra Klein said it best, "I sometimes feel about twitter the way old media types felt about blogs." 140 characters? No photos? I try and be very careful with this blog that everything I write is "published" and I would feel comfortable showing it to my co-workers, family, and future schools and employers. But i'm not sure how to deal with the tweets.

So here is what I am going to do - post almost entirely links. I read a lot on the internet and find some great stuff. And almost always, it whizzes by never to be seen again. So if I tweet it, I will one have a record of the event, and two be able to share it with others without having to expand on the topic.

It has to be said for twitter, that is creates some amazing forms of communication. For example, here is Claire McCaskill, Senator from Missouri asking a Question of Paul Krugman via twitter. Matthew Yglesias responds to her question on his blog, and Krugman links to it while responding to McCaskill's twitter on his blog.

Personally, I think that is amazing.

(by the way, this entire post clocks in at 1,186 characters, and one picture)

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