Monday, December 08, 2008

Yay! / Booo!

First a big Yay! to Subaru for making our car which I forgot how much fun it is to drive on the snow. Not that I am going to do anything crazy like go snowboarding with it. But on the down side, our clock mysteriously stopped working and I have a feeling that the thermostat might be stuck open because it takes so long to heat up the car now. They break though, its just a little spring that opens and closes over and over and over...

Second, a big Booooo! To O'Reilly Auto Parts who bought Checker Auto parts. I had two silly $15 rebate checks from them that I deposited on the 13th of November that just bounced or were canceled on the 4th of December. So my bank took back the $30 in rebates and charged $60 in bounced check fees. I bought the stuff in August June. I am on a vendetta now.

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dwatland said...

Sounds like something the consumer affairs at the MN Att. General's office would like to hear about. You are probably not the only one.