Saturday, November 15, 2008

MN State CX Championships 2008

Well that's the season! 7 weekends 7 races, and today's was a great one. I finished 60th out of 99 Riders which puts me in the 61st percentile this time. And I am really happy about that place too, because looking at the people I finished around, they have always finished ahead of me, and sometimes by a lot! So I can go into the off season showing some improvement, which makes me happy.

I got to the course really early this time, having screwed up my race last week so badly by being late. Race started at 11:00, so I was there at 9:00! I was 6th in line to register. It was cold, but I got a good long warm up and a few laps around the very long course. There was a little of everything today. Sections of pavement, grass, packed dirt, single track woods trails, a stairs/run up, and a sand pit. Only one set of barriers though, I thought that was odd. The pack for my race was big too, 99 racers which was the largest all season. I got a good starting position and missed a spectacular crash to the right of me on the first corner. I then proceeded to get passed by what seemed to be just about everyone but that's ok, I started way out in front.

On the first lap I was riding in the middle of a pack, but got sent to the back when the rider in front of me stopped short on the single track section and I ran into his wheel, which stalled me out an dumped me on my side still clipped in, and into a brier patch! Lots of burrs on my butt. I got up but couldn't get a spot in the train until every one rode past so I fell back about 10 spots. Very frustrating. Eventually I worked my way back up and passed guy I ran into, but it set me back.

The rest of the race was really uneventful. The course wanted to go fast, and I felt fast. I left everything on the trail and collapsed after it was done. Had family there today spectating which is always great and a huge motivator. Especially when equipped with a cow bell!

So, one season done. I am going to try and get ready for next year by getting more power in my legs via weights and of course more biking. Cross country ski season is almost upon us too, and Megan and I both have new skis to put to work...

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Congrats on a great first season!