Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bike Snob Zen

One of my new favorite blogs is Bike Snob NYC. It is a mix of bike humor and observation, irony, and a study of NYC hipster bikers on their fixies. Each post is so cross linked to other posts that it can take a long time to get through one. His writing cracks me up. For example,
If you're unfamiliar with the recumbent, it's similar to the bicycle in that it has two wheels and it's human-powered, but it's also very different in that you kind of lie down on it. Also, it replaces the saddle with a lounge chair and your dignity with a big gaping hole.
But, besides bike hilarity he has some great things to say, like this from yesterday called, "The Indignity of Commuting by Bicycle: Weirdness"
I too long for something, and that is a world without stupid behavior. And recently, I made an important discovery, which is that while you can't change the world you can change your own perception of it. Certainly I can't eradicate stupidity from the Earth (if only because that would also involve eradicating myself), but I can keep myself from getting angry about that stupidity. This realization in turn brought me to a revelation: Stupidity minus Anger equals Weirdness. In other words, when I observe something inexplicable and get angry about it, I've observed something stupid. But when I observe something inexplicable and don't get angry, I've simply observed something weird. And weirdness is much easier to live with than stupidity.
And here is the snob on Cyclocross which he is a fan of:
But let's be honest--part of the bicycle's appeal is its swift mobility. What cyclist hasn't fantasized about living in some kind of Apocalyptic wasteland with only his bicycle and his wits to keep him alive? Who wouldn't want to live in some sort of real-life "Red Dawn" and carry out guerilla attacks on bicycles under Patrick Swayze's capable leadership? Well, probably very few people, and I suppose that's why cyclocross is still not that popular.
So, keep racing cyclocross on your recumbent bike in preparation for the red dawn but don't let stupid things make you angry, they are just weird after all.

And today's bike of zen. It is an 8 speed/single speed cyclocross bike - aka you can shift 8 times but the ratio remains the same. What class would you enter this in I wonder?

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