Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Okay, okay, time to tell the big secret! No, we aren't adopting a cat from the humane society. We may, however, be fostering some orphan kittens if the shelter needs our help! I had training today for the U of MN's Orphan Kitten Program, which works with local shelters to send kittens home with vet students to be bottle fed until they're old enough to be adopted out of the shelter. Orphan kittens take lots of work (bottle feeding 12 times a day when they're really young!), but can be very rewarding too. I figured it's a good compromise for now, when we're not in the best position to adopt a cat, but I have a lighter course load and a little extra time on my hands. This year's kittens have pretty much all been born, so I probably won't have any fosters until early next spring. Watch the blog for pictures if/when we get a litter!

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The Snowboarding Vet Student said...

Good luck! I'm getting my first litter Monday morning - so excited!