Saturday, October 11, 2008

How to loose an election

Of course, it is bad luck to call an election before it is over, but by any metric McCain is losing very very badly. Here is a chart from I made showing the polling trend from June to today. Obama has cracked the 50% mark, and his momentum has been a 45˚ trajectory upwards since McCain's peak after the RNC in St. Paul.

All the McCain campaign has left is a single debate, and the hope that Obama will say something insane. The sounds coming from the McCain campaign are sounding more and more like fringe blogs and email forwards with their references to ACORN, Ayers, and Rezco. The right-wing blogs love it, everyone else hates it. It is especially jarring in today's economic crisis, with the stock market crashing harder this week than it did during the great crash of 1929 - 18.2%. It was the Dow Jones worst week ever

So here is how Obama wins the election, now 24 days away. He doesn't loose his cool, and lets McCain continue to dig himself deeper into his hole. Obama has McCain trapped on all sides. Obama has an overwhelming ground organization game. Obama has a 3 to 1 TV advertising budget advantage. Obama-Biden have won all three debates. McCain conceded Michigan, and Obama is leading significantly (+5) in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Colorado polling. Norm Coleman wouldn't even been seen with McCain in Minnesota! If this list of things doesn't spell certain political doom, I don't know what else does.

So while you wait, here is a video comparison between Mike Judge's movie Idiocracy, which is a dark comedy about the most average person in the world being frozen and waking up 500 years later to find the world a much much dumber place. In fact, he is now the smartest person alive.

First, here is a clip of President "Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho" addressing congress about his solution for all their problems.

Ok, now here is Sarah Palin's entrance to Wilmington, OH this Thursday. Note the use of patriotic music, "The Eye of the Tiger," fake smoke, the swirling lighting, an announcer who could be from the WWF, and of course - the bus.

I love it. And a side note, she brought her newborn baby onto the stage with her along with her two daughters. Wouldn't that be a rather stressful place to bring a baby?

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