Monday, October 20, 2008

Big Ring Flyers CX

Race number 3 in the books! I finished the "C" race 38th out of 48th, which if you adjust for the number of racers, was actually my worst finish of the year. I also got results from last week's race and finished that 72nd out of 98 which is about right. L. had a crazy race this weekend, and rode through the finish in 1st place quite alone!

All three races have been so different, and this one was no exception. It was very grassy and flat, and since they got last minute news that they couldn't run the race through the woods they added some mad mazes that riders had to bike through. No run-up or hills to speak of. I started the race back quite a bit, and really wasn't feeling it. I just sort of bumbled along for a lap keeping in line, and it wasn't until I was into lap 2 did I realize that I was in the middle of the race and had better get moving! I did well after that, but by then I think I had dug myself into a hole and couldn't catch up. Oh well, it was still lots of fun and next weekend is at Afton Alps that is described as "something for everyone" with run-ups, possible mud, some fast flat, and other craziness (I hope). It is turning into "spectator weekend" so come on out!

I had a great practice tonight, and there is another tomorrow, so I should be primed for this weekend. Here my new park, that I think I like more. It is much larger so you can get some good long runs at speed which has been more like the races I have been in.

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