Sunday, September 07, 2008

One week down, lots more to go

The class of 2010 is back in school, and this year already feels a lot different from the last two. Everything feels more geared towards our clinical year and away from lecture-style learning. We've moved from our old lecture hall into the newly-remodeled Ben Pomeroy Center, which used to be one of the old dairy barns and feels a lot less classroom-y. We've already had one hands-on lab, where I got to try my hand at doctor-type things like floating horse teeth and pilling a cow. Our professors keep taking tallies of how many people are in each track- small animal, equine, food animal, or mixed. The key words for "pay attention to this point" have shifted from "You'll need to know this for boards" to "You'll need to know this when you get to clinics." (even though we haven't taken boards yet). Eek!
Classes in general are not too different from usual, except that they all seem to last two hours instead of one. So far, we've had...
  • Musculoskeletal disorders: Why is my dog limping?
  • Toxicology: My dog just ate the hostas- are those poisonous?
  • Metabolic Disorders: Why is my dog drinking three gallons of water a day, urinating every half hour, losing his hair, and getting a potbelly?
  • Reproductive Diagnostic Techniques: Is my stallion shooting blanks?
  • Large Animal Gastrointestinal Disorders: Help, my cow has diarrhea!
  • Small Animal Gastrointestinal Disorders: Help, my dog has diarrhea!
I'm also trying to finalize my list of what rotations to take during fourth year, since we have to decide before the end of the month. Decisions, decisions...

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