Thursday, August 21, 2008

More on that Veep

I am eagerly awaiting my text message from the Obama campaign, which has to come sometime before this saturday when they will appear together in Chicago. Since my last VP post the field has narrowed a bit to Sen. Joe Biden from Delaware, Sen. Evan Bayh from Indiana, and Gov Tim Kaine from Virginia. So from my list, one liability, one conflict, and one match.

But what should he do now? Frankly, I have come around to the idea that seemed impossible then, that he should name Hillary as his running mate. Perhaps I have been shaken by the recent drop in polls, and the painful ineffectiveness of the Obama campaign this month, but imagine the bounce in naming Clinton as VP compared to any of the others. Her problem of being a rallying point for republicans is no longer an issue - they have got their hate on against Obama very well on their own. And the general election is turning into a redux of the primary - Change vs Experience. But in the general, change is not sticking as well, so by adding the de-facto name for experience this political cycle to the ticket, it would undercut McCain significantly.

But, I can't see it happening. So I hope it is at least Biden or Kaine, who gets the spot. But then again, who knows!

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