Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sore legs feel good

After a semester of epic sitting in a lecture hall, summer exercise feels so good! Chris and I explored the Midtown Greenway by bike on Monday, and made it from our apartment to just beyond Lyndale in Minneapolis. That's a hair over 13 miles, which is the distance I biked for the St. Olaf mini-triathlon that we did at the end of senior year. Our next goal is to make it from here to Lake Calhoun and back. After that, who knows?

We also discovered the East River Parkway, an amazingly wild-feeling place in the middle of the city. Winnie got to go for a swim in the river and met another wild urban corgi on the trail. We have so much city left to discover!

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Bjorn said...

It still smells like train ghosts down there.