Friday, June 13, 2008

Project Make McCain Exciting

I commented on McCain's truly bad speech he gave on the night Obama clinched the nomination, but the green background behind him caught the eye of Steven Colbert who has created "Project Make McCain Exciting" by distributing video of him speaking with just the green background and inviting other to add in their own video. Here is the clip:

In other political news, Obama is on a serious roll while McCain is struggling. The normally very cautious Kevin Drum predicts that Obama will lead McCain by at least 5 points nationally until november. While I might not be that optimistic, it does seem clear that Obama is already being treated as a winner and McCain the looser and Americans just don't turn out for losers. Interesting fact that I didn't remember, Kerry was never ahead in national polling - at least by NBC. In fact Bush was leading by 1-4 points the entire race, and won by 3% nationwide. Today? Obama up by 7

This is clearly Obama's race to loose and judging by the speed his campaign has consolidated its primary win, the money they are raising, the fact that they will have offices all 50 states speaks to me of a campaign that will have the upper hand on everything this election. It will be fun to watch. 

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