Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tonight's Democratic debate

The winner in tonight's ABC Democratic debates? John McCain. It was really an appalling display of poor journalism and wall-to-wall  right-wing talking points. Gibson, Stephanopoulos and ABC news in general should be ashamed.

Topics asked: "Small-town" comments, Wright, Weather Underground, Flag-pin/patriotism, Gun control, Affirmative Action, How much should we bomb Iran, how fast should we cut-and-run from Iraq, a no new taxes oath, the capital gains tax, and why are you the most electable.

Things not asked: America in the world, heath care, recession, housing crisis, torture, the environment, education, Afganistan or veterans.

After it was over, the crowd was none too happy. "The crowd is turning on me!" joked Gibson. Sort of. 

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