Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Free fridge

Via BoingBoing is a thought that should seem obvious on a chilly day like today. Your house is heated to 72˚. Your fridge is cooled 38˚ and your freezer is cooled to 15˚. But your refrigerator is sucking in 72˚ air from the kitchen into itself and at great cost cooling it down to keep your food fresh. But meanwhile, it is 32˚ outside and it has been cold for months and months. And in the summer, we are taking cooled air, turning it into colder air, and then exhaust of now hot air is going back into our cooled houses! So why not use some of that free cold outside air in the winter, and vent out that hot air in the summer?

There is one company that does this called Freeaire, but only for walk-in coolers and freezers. They describe it in fewer words:
"But it's in colder climates, where the words "snow", "ice" and "wind-chill factor" are often heard, that the Freeaire has a special talent. It taps into the greatest source of refrigeration ever created: winter. "
More of this please.

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